Tungsten Tornado Barrel, Medium


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The NSI Tungsten Tornado Barrel nail drill bits easily removes acrylic, hard gel, and dip powder from the nails with little pressure. The rounded tip is designed to help prevent damage to the cuticles and sidewalls of the nail bed.

The Tungsten Tornado Barrel efile drill bit is a versatile tool that can be used for nail prep, shaping nails and the fast removal of product. The cone barrel shape of the bits allows for precise and targeted nail shaping, providing seamless control and reducing the risk of damaging the surrounding skin or cuticles. This bit is great to use for nail prep and is suitable for use on natural and artificial nails. This high-quality tungsten carbide bit is easy to clean and sterilize, ensuring proper hygiene standards are met for a safe and sanitary nail salon environment. The Tungsten Tornado Barrel is a must have tool and can be used for various nail services, including shaping, refining, and removal of nails, the possibilities are endless.  Perfect complement to the NSI eFile

  • Easy to clean and sterilize between clients.
  • Designed for the filing and shaping of artificial nails and nail prep
  • Made with Top-grade tungsten carbide materials, ensuring a long lifespan of the nail drill bits.
  • This bit can be used for polishing, shaping, and removing nail enhancements.
  • It is great for the preparation of the natural nail and is suitable for both natural and artificial nails.