Simplicite Poly Dip Base


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Simplicité PolyDip PolyBase is a LED/UV Curable base that absorbs dipping powders. You can coat all five nails with PolyBase and it does not dry until cured.

With the arrival of the old technology of the traditional cyanoacrylate dip systems, we wanted to bring our system into the light cured era. We called it Simplicite because it’s simple to use and simple to remove. The Simplicite PolyDip Nail Enhancement System has risen to a whole new level of nail dipping systems that utilizes new oligomer technology. The unique light cured technology is faster than a traditional dip service and keeps clients’ nails strong and healthy. With the versatility of using over tips or as a natural nail overlay, the lightweight and flexible feel, the pigment rich dipping powder and the speed of application, it is a perfect addition to any techs’ services menu. It’s simple! It’s Simplicite!

New! Light Curable Dip System Technology
Completely Odorless System
A Versatile Dipping system that can be used for tip and overlays or permanent polish enhancements
Optional Rebalance – don’t have to soak off the product in between application