Platinum Nail Forms 300 ct.


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The NSI Platinum Nail Forms are a must have acrylic nail form for sculpting acrylic nail enhancements in traditional nail shapes. The Platinum Nail Forms are the ultimate nail form for techs that need a versatile nail form. These forms are great form for sculpting traditional nail shapes, active length and even alternative nail shapes. Our Platinum Forms also work beautifully with gels as long as you have a thin clear gel base layer under your enhancement, the gel will cure in the light.

300 Ct of nail forms per roll
Great for Sculpting Traditional Nail Shapes
Ideal forms for sculpting Acrylic Nail Enhancements
The unique design creates beautiful C-Curves on any nail type with no seepage
Easy to fit for creating nail enhancements faster
Firm support for accurate product placement
Sculpting grid allows for length and shape consistency from nail to nail
Attractive matte silver finish