Glaze 'n Go Tack-Free Led Matte


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The brand new Glaze N Go Matte Topcoat is an ultra silky, tack-free topcoat that cures in just 30 seconds in LED. This top coat leaves the nails with an amazing soft finish, the Matte finish you’ve been looking for.

An easy way to up-sell your services with out any added steps, apply the Glaze N Go Matte clear topcoat, and cure for 30 seconds for that perfect matte finish you have been looking for.

Brushes on smooth, like polish, for a silky matte, tack-free finish
Glaze n Go LED’s Flexible finish is formulated to last longer between services.
Save time with new LED technology! 30 seconds in a LED lamp or 120 seconds in a UV lamp
Glaze n Go LED is a Tack-Free Enhancement sealant for use over Gel or Acrylic Enhancements to save time on buffing and filing.
Use as a top coat for acrylic and gel enhancements