NSI 1/8 Jaw Nippers

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Precisely cut and trim ragged cuticles with the stainless steel Cuticle Nipper. The stainless steel cuticle cutter have sharp, pointed tips that won’t tear or snag while cutting cuticles. The features spring-action cut  only slight pressure for a clean cut.

Elevate your salon experience with our professional-grade, stainless steel implements! Designed to enhance the precision and efficiency of your nail services, our stainless steel tools have been engineered for maximum precision. These high performance tools are perfect balance of form and function. Each tool in the line was purposely selected for creating beautiful nails. The implement line includes a cuticle pusher, nail tip clipper, pinching tool, straight scissors, and cuticle cutter. These nail tools help nail technicians expertly create beautiful nail enhancements with professional results. These tools are an essential addition to your nail kit.

  • Promote Excellent Adhesion: Aids in cleaning and removal of cuticle from the natural nail plate to aid in adhesion of nail products.
  • Superior Quality: Crafted with the high quality stainless steel material ensuring durability and rust-resistance.
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable grip allow for precise control and reduced hand fatigue
  • Easy to Clean: Easy to Sanitize and keep clean between clients