Acrylic with Tips, Forms, the Apex and Shaping Class

New Look Nail Supply

Regular price $150.00

We will cover applying tips and forms properly, finding and applying an Apex on the nail and nail shaping. How to file sidewalls correctly, filing the cuticle area and angles to check for a beautifully shaped nail. We will also cover proper product consistency and how to pick up the proper size bead for the area your applying it to. A perfect class atmosphere for working on any difficulties you'd like to overcome with acrylic. 




Please come to the class with 2 nails free of product. You will be working on yourselves.

 Class cost is $150

 You will receive:


     4 oz Attraction Acrylic Liquid

     Attraction 40 gram Crystal Clear powder

     Attraction 40 gram Rose Blush powder

      3 Nsi files 

      Nsi Block Buffer

     10 Platinum Plus Forms

     10 Simplicite Forms

     Tip assortment

      Essential Bond

      Glaze n Go Led Top Coat

      Acrylic Brush Grand (№ 8)

      Nurture Oil .25 oz

 You will need to bring a standard table set up and a dappen dish.